About Marcus


I love images, be they moving or still. To tell stories through imagery. I give you glimpses into worlds that make you feel. I’m looking for the numinous in my images, the wholly other, like the surface of an alien planet or unknown cosmological phenomena.

As an artist I´m always looking for opportunities in film (features and shorts), TV ads, musicvideos, photography. If you would like to collaborate, contact me.



Marcus MoonenMarcus Moonen, born in 1976 in the southeast of the Netherlands. He’s a filmmaker, photographer and musician who has experience writing scripts, directing, filming and editing.

He has studied literature (University of Utrecht), philosophy (University of Nijmegen) and audiovisual design (AKV St. Joost Art Academy).

In the last decade Marcus has been working on a number of short films, music videos, commercials and short documentaries. He has produced a number of commissioned photography projects alongside his own photography work. In this period he produced 10 albums of electronic music.


In 2010, Marcus produced a short portrait of Rob van Hattum, Film director for Science Programs at VPRO & Creative Director at NEMO science center in Amsterdam.

The same year he produced over 20 music videos for Dutch broadcaster VPRO, at the Nijmegen Summer Festival “De Affaire” & at the Arnhem GeselXL music festival.

In 2011 he directed and shot an 11 minute short film that would serve as a musicvideo for the track “Heroes For Ghosts” by The Gathering. The same year his 48hour project film A Way took a top 10 position during the finals at Miami IFF.

More recent collaborations in 2013 and 2014 include commercial work done for Scholten Awater and ABN AMRO Bank, music videos for Distel, Grimm Limbo, The Gathering, Rodèlle and collaborations with Hong Kong based production company Robot Entourage.


He´s an avid photographer, alongside portraits he focuses mainly on abstract works, that can be best characterized as sci-fi photography.

Marcus’ work has been exhibited in NYC at the Angel Orensanz Gallery in 2013 and in Times Square in 2014. He’s done groupshows and solo exhibitions in the Netherlands in 2014 and 2015 at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, KunstRoer(t) in Roerdalen and at the Thiemeloods in Nijmegen.

His latest photobook called The Island can be purchased here.


Marcus also produces electronic music, (including filmscores as Marcus Moonen) under the monikers CausaliDox, sonOnos and Bob Knutton.

Marcus is a self-taught producer and sound engineer, over the years he has built a modest studio with a mix of vintage analog and digital gear. His style ranges from ambient soundscapes to agressive acid and from melancholic electronica to synthpop with vocals.

Over the last 10 years his albums have been downloaded over 280.000 times at Mininova.

Listen to albums by CausaliDox here and Bob Knutton here. Links to more than ten soundcloud accounts can be found here.