Bandcamp Friday

Posted By Marcus on Friday, 5 March, 2021

Bandcamp Friday

Four albums in one year, check them out on bandcamp friday
Four albums released on Diffuse Reality in one year

For the next 22.5 hours it is Bandcamp Friday, which means that Bandcamp is graciously waiving their revenue share on any sale made on that day.

In the last year I’ve released three albums with the awesome folks over at Diffuse Reality Records / Teorema / Periphylla, and a fourth album is slated for release on March 12.

So if you are looking for some new music, and you are feeling adventurous, why not check out a couple of my albums?
= )

Bob Knutton – The Code

CausaliDox – Coda

CausaliDox – Consensus Reality

CausaliDox – The Obscure (pre-order)

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