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BDDC, new Distel musicvideo and The Gathering BTS

Posted By on Saturday, 13 October, 2012

Time goes by so fast, when you´re busy! I can´t believe that it´s already been so long since the last update. There´s lots of news so let me just jump right in!

Black Devil Disco Club
During the summer I got in contact with French electro legend Black Devil Disco Club‘s, Bernard Fevre. His remix album Magnetic Circus was coming out and he was looking to have videos made for the tracks, after some deliberation we agreed that I would do the musicvideo for “Magnetic Devil”, a fantastic melancholy psychedelic track that sounds a bit like one of my favorite bands Boards of Canada.

Because of a strange coincidence, my original idea for the video had to be scrapped. Another filmmaker was working on a video for another track off the same album and had come up with much the same elements in his video. It was late summer before I was ready to shoot the first footage for the video. I had a beautiful actress to work with and we were very lucky to shoot on one of the last sunny days of the summer.

I did a rough edit on the video, but I felt that there was something lacking. I was not yet satisfied with the mood of the footage, I decided that the video needs a bit of a rough edge, something to make it a bit more dark. The track has this very subtle mix of sweet melancholy and something that is darker and more intense, so I wanted to reflect that in the images. In early October we shot additional footage and currently I am working on a new edit. I feel that there is just one more element missing and I’m hoping I’ll be able to incorporate this and finish the video soon. Here are some screenshots:

Update 2013:

Unfortunately the Black Devil Disco Club – Magnetic Devil project has been put on permanent hiatus.


Earlier this year I shot a promo for my friend Distel. We were both very happy with the result and decided that we would shoot a full length video for the track “hxxx” off his upcoming album. Because of the mood of the track we decided that we wanted to film the video in an abandoned building, preferably in a ruin. After some searching we found a hotel that had been abandoned since the 1970’s. It stands in the middle of a forest, alone, no roads leading up to it. We spent a day filming there, risking our lives under collapsing ceilings, treacherously unstable floors and lots of debris, broken glass. I’m still working on the edit, after the video is cut, it will need quite a bit of work with regard to coloring and effects, but I’m very excited about this one. It is going to be one crazy video! Some photos of the location and a preliminary screenshot:

Heroes For Ghosts – Behind The Scenes
I finally got ’round to editing and uploading the behind the scenes video for The Gathering‘s Heroes For Ghosts. It brought back great memories of the fun times we had shooting in Norway! The Gathering have a new album out called “Disclosure”. If you haven’t heard it yet, pick it up fast, because it’s great! Here’s the announcement and the two videos:

Upcoming Videos
At the moment I’m talking to The Gathering about doing another video to promote the new album, so that is something that might happen before the end of the year, depending on scheduling and budget. I really hope we’ll be able to make it happen, because the album deserves a push! Also I’m still talking to my friend Robert Rodèlle about doing a video and I’m pretty sure that before long this will happen. I love his music and I think my images would fit perfectly. With a bit of luck and persistence, we’ll be able to start filming before the end of the year.

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