Diffuse Reality / Teorema Podcast: CausaliDox + TriggerRat

Posted By Marcus on Friday, 12 February, 2021

Teorema Podcast 011: TriggerRat (live)
Teorema Podcast 011: TriggerRat (live)

Since that day in August 2020 I came into contact with the very nice and lovely people of Diffuse Reality Records in Barcelona, a lot of things have happened! One of them is this podcast!

We have been following your music for a long time, we love it! Do you have any demo of tracks unreleases for us to listen to?

Diffuse Reality in an e-mail to me, August 2020

Now, in February 2021, I have already had three album releases with this label: The Code, Coda and Consensus Reality. A fourth album is under way, and today, to add to that list, a 40 minute podcast was released.

Released on Diffuse Reality Records / Teorema, the podcast features two CausaliDox and TriggerRat performances mixed together into nearly 40 minutes of mindbending, reality destroying soundscape. Check out the Teorema Podcast 011: TriggerRat (live) below.

  • CausaliDox – Blastshadows On The Ruins Of An Exploded Mind
  • TriggerRat – Session1023 – Have I Destroyed You Yet.

The podcast was released on Soundcloud.

Diffuse Reality · Teorema Podcast 011: TriggerRat (live)

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