Marcus Moonen

Blog 2000 – 2006

My website as it appeared in the early 2000’s

Documenting life

From July 21st 2000 to July 21st 2006, I kept an online journal. An early blog of sorts, in which I would document my days and nights.

In it, I gave an account of my encounters & perambulations, whilst obscuring identities of the people in my life and the ones whose paths I crossed.

Poetic -or not so poetic-, dark, sometimes disturbing rants about my surging emotions and ceaseless thoughts in a fog of magical realism and mind altering substances.

6 years of my life

After six years I decided it had been enough and took the blog offline. Now, more than a decade later, I have decided to once again share this strange document with the world. Below are six years of my life.

Many of the hyperlinks are dead, but some of them still work.