Exoplanetary Holiday: Daytrip to Proxima Centauri C - Image 1 - Photonic Migration II

Exoplanetary Holiday: Daytrip To Proxima Centauri C [2020]

Imagining other worlds is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. The idea that there could be unknown forms of life, unseen and numinous vistas on exoplanets guides my eye to find the cracks in our reality to catch a glimpse of these places and photograph them.

Exoplanetary Holiday

Off on an imaginary holiday, I took my camera with me to visit Proxima Centauri C, to capture the migration of the photonic beings, see the waves undulate on an unknown sea and have my picnic ruined by some exoplanetary weather.


The images below were shot on a Canon 5D mkII with a Canon 50mm EF f/1.4 USM. They were edited in Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 with Magic Bullet Looks and Filmconvert for color correction.

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