Bob Knutton – Talented Lazy Life [2011]

What if you had to choose only one album to define who Bob Knutton is and what it is he does? His third, Talented Lazy Life, would be it. The production is clean, the intent is crystal, the tracks are catchy. Using analog gear to bring the warmth, this album is Bob’s most popular album to date.

With nine tracks the album’s running time is just over half an hour. It’s electro, it’s poppy, it’s electro-pop with a dirty, dirty edge.

Here’s Bob’s take on his “Talented Lazy Life”:

Talented Lazy Life, a life wasted, leisurely wallowing in provocative sensuousness. These 9 tracks ooze sex. Tunes to play loud while cruisin’ in your car with the windows down on a warm summer’s eve with your arm wrapped around a pretty young thing.

The album has received some 23.000 downloads on Mininova.

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