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Everyday [2011 – now]

Posted on Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

Everyday [2011 – now]

Everyday I see things around me that stand out to me, have a certain quality that makes me grab my camera and capture it. It could be a building, a road, a tree, a cloud… Anything really. Some of the most fascinating photos are of mundain things. I enjoy messing around with the images in post until they have that look and feel I like so much, this mixture of sci-fi and surrealism. Sometimes I push and manipulate the images further and further so that they become abstract, no longer representative of one singular thing. Yet they maintain, or even gain a strong emanating sense of emotion.

Every image to me is like the setting for a scene from a story that’s being told as I take the picture. I start to imagine worlds unfold, intricate lines of causality unfurling into time. To me taking pictures is a way to look differently at the world, like lifting the veil to peek into the realm of (im)possibilities.

The images below were shot on a Canon 5D mkII with an array of different lenses. A number of the photographs were shot at night with long exposures. I edited all of it in Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 with a few plugins for color correction and effects. If you are interested in purchasing a print of one of these images, please contact me for pricing and shipping information.

  • The Bridge
  • Rzrice
  • You can stand all night...
  • Serpentine
  • SplatterSun
  • Window to the World
  • Doubt looms large
  • From a great height
  • Haus
  • Quiet
  • Storm over the Street
  • Love Street
  • The Alley
  • Lines
  • Tramp
  • Slide
  • BronzeFace
  • Viscous
  • SL1200
  • 580
  • Crack
  • Heaven on ice
  • LondonFlowers
  • Greenwich Dream
  • Bloom for S.
  • Leaves in Greenwich
  • Melancholy Trees
  • Skyscraper
  • Deadtree
  • Crackle
  • Fuzzy Tree
  • Filament
  • Curious
  • Mr. Sluggo
  • LitField
  • Grass
  • Go with the light
  • ∞ 1
  • ∞ 2
  • Echoes
  • Photonic Billiards
  • Ceremony
  • Spectrum
  • Riders
  • Stormhead
  • From below
  • Dream
  • The longest night
  • Clouds
  • Awash
  • Lightbridge
  • Bloodwood
  • Bob Knutton - Electric Night cover
  • Exoplanetary Holiday: Daytrip to Proxima Centauri C - Image 1 - Photonic Migration


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