Rosa Ensemble

Posted on Monday, 12 May, 2014

Rosa Ensemble

Rosa Ensemble at Incubate, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Shot at Clancy’s.


The images below were shot on a Canon 5D mkII with an array of different lenses. All photographs were shot inside (dark) venues using long exposures. I edited in Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 with a few plugins for color correction and effects. If you are interested in purchasing a print of these images, please contact me for pricing and shipping information

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  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen1
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen2
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen3
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen4
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen5
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen6
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen7
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen8
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen9
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen10
  • RosaEnsemble_Clancys_200913_MarcusMoonen11

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