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Covering “De Affaire” for VPRO 3VOOR12

Posted By on Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Each year the summerfestivities hit my hometown of Nijmegen like a nuclear bomb. Nearly one and a half million people descend upon our city near the river to be merry and enjoy music at a party called “De Affaire”. This year I was asked by VPRO Broadcasting Company to film a number of special acoustic sessions in the oldest stone building in the country for their music website We came to call them The Chapelsessions.

So in the span of 5 days I shot 15 acoustic sessions with artists such as The Morning BendersThe CrookesDez MonaSarah Blasko and many more.

I shot the sessions on two camera’s, a Sony HVR-Z1E and a Sony HVR-Z5E, both in SD 25p mode. The sound was recorded into the HVR-Z1E from two Neumann KM-143’s. Lighting was primitive, but effective. As of today, I’m still a few sessions away from finishing the editing job. It was alot!

Right here is the session I filmed with Sarah Blasko:

Watch the rest of the sessions on vimeo.


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