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CausaliDox – Summer of ’92 [2019]

Posted on Saturday, 18 January, 2020

CausaliDox – Summer of ’92 [2019]

Recorded in 2017, these 4 CausaliDox tracks were released in 2019 as the EP Summer of ’92, by renowned electronic music label Shipwrec.

Always willing to go that extra league to uncover new talent, Shipwrec have plumbed the depths of new talent and found gold surprisingly close to home.


CausaliDox is a Dutch musician who, until now, has been self releasing his unique brand of braindance inspired electronica. The Nijmegen-based artist offers four tracks for Summer of 92.


Utilising understated tones CausaliDox builds the hugely absorbing ”Elated”, a twelve minute odyssey of smoulderingly superb synthwork. Metallic drum patterns give rise to cascading rhythms in the coursing energy of “Southbound”, a rumbling meandering journey through shimmering scenery and soulful strings.


“Say I Can” is the most dreamlike of the four tracks. Comforting pads and gentle drums are bathed in warmth while a cheeky squeak winks. The title piece “Summer of 92” is a warm haze of bass, fizzing beats and off-kilter chords. Bright bars shine through this mist-like medley with acid sparks flecking this radiant audio display. A true gem, found right on our doorstep.

The album is available from Shipwrec on Bandcamp.


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