CausaliDox - A Life Less Lived movie still

CausaliDox – A Life Less Lived [2020]

CausaliDox – A Life Less Lived
Released on August 10, 2020

Official selection:

StarBest Film Festival
Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival
The Scottish Independent Film Festival (special commendation)
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival
Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival
New York Lift-Off Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne

Best Shorts Competition La Jolla, CA (Award of merit special mention)
Honolulu Film Awards (gold kahuna award)
Accolade Global Film Competition, CA (Award of merit special mention)
Alaska International Film Awards (Denali award)

In 2013 I flew to Hong Kong to meet up with some very talented people I had met in Miami a couple years earlier. While there we decided to shoot a music video / short film for my track A Life Less Lived.
Co-directing the video with the inimitable Arne Venema, who did most of the heavy lifting & finished shooting and editing the video after I flew back home.

It took us another 4 years to finish the video and another 3 years to finally release it, but the video has lived an extraordinary life in the meantime, garnering 7 official selections and 4 awards from film festivals all over the world.

We couldn’t have done this without any of these wonderfully generous and talented people: Joe Fiorello, Mike Chan, Mark Nakayama, Jacqueline Tse, Jack Byrne, Michelle Poon, Max Lam, Emma Moosa-Venema & Matt Blaize. Special thanks to Studio Shosho.

A new streetdrug is killing people. 2 cops need to find out what’s going on. One of these cops has a dark secret that puts his partner in danger.

Official video for CausaliDox – A Life Less Lived which appears on the 2010 album The Oxytocin Party.

Angry cop: Joe Fiorello
Calm cop: Mike Chan
Controller: Jacqueline Tse
Victim no. 1: Mark Nakayama
Victim no. 2: Jack Byrne
Victim no. 3: Michelle Poon

Director: Arne Venema / Marcus Moonen
Writer: Arne Venema
Producer: Arne Venema
Editor: Arne Venema
Music: Marcus Moonen
VFX/Compositing: Mathew Blaize / ShoSho