Glaxclock [2006 – 2008]


Glaxclock was a collective of artists, consisting of musicians, DJ’s, VJ’s and performers of other artforms, such as painters, dancers and sculpters.

Glaxclock was born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in the summer of 2006. My original idea was to bring talented performers and artists together, to create events that were special because of the people, the music, the art and the atmosphere. Within a month many artists joined forces to form what was now rapidly becoming an artistic and musical powerhouse, dedicated to offering a real alternative.


One important thing that brought us together was the love for strange, moody electronic music. Styles and sounds may vary, but for us the feeling and experience of the music was most important.

Many of the performers in Glaxclock had a great affinity with electronic music and new & vintage technology. Therefore much of the music on a Glaxclock night was electronic, but very diverse! 

There were artists and DJ’s that were specialized in creating soundscapes, ethereal and moody… Crossover performances linking poetry, prose and sounds in ways that took your ears and mind days to recover! In the tradition of the Dutch dirty brown westcoast, we brought you electro that was fresh and funky. We gave you electronica that was weird and overwhelming. We’d make you dance ’till the sun came up and then some!


Reviews and interviews

In 2008 scene website published an interview with Glaxclock and a review of two of the Glaxclock nights.


Een collectief voor artiesten met een voorliefde voor sfeervolle elektronische muziek die niet alleen de voeten, maar ook het hoofd op hol brengt.

Full review:

Glaxclock is jarig en viert vanavond zijn tweejarig bestaan in Merleyn. Met een line up van vijf live acts, twee dj’s en twee vj’s kan het eigenlijk alleen maar een knalfuif worden.

Full review:

Glaxclock is een nieuw Nijmeegs muziekcollectief met een voorliefde voor sfeervolle elektronische klanken. In Kultuurhuis Bosch werd de derde Glaxclock Night gevierd met optredens van vijf liveacts en drie dj’s. Onze verslaggever moest helaas halverwege de avond alweer in de trein naar huis, maar de korte film en de livesets van d i s t e l en CausaliDox smaakten alvast naar meer!

Full review:

Glaxclock artists and guests

So who were the people that were involved in Glaxclock? Aside from our regular roster of artists, we also had guests come in and perform on Glaxclock Nights. Here is an overview of the Glaxclock artists:

And these are the guests we’ve welcomed: 

Dates and locations

  • Glaxclock Night #1 at NDRGRND, Nijmegen, the Netherlands on Friday July 13th, 2007.
  • Glaxclock Night #2 at TACLive, Eindhoven, the Netherlands on Saturday November 17th, 2007.
  • Glaxclock Night #3 at Kultuurhuis Bosch, Arnhem, the Netherlands on Saturday January 26, 2008.
  • Glaxclock Night #4 at ACU, Utrecht, the Netherlands on Saturday March 22, 2007.
  • Glaxclock Night #5 at Kultuurhuis Bosch, Arnhem, the Netherlands on Saturday April 5, 2008.
  • Glaxclock Night #6 at Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands on Friday July 11 2008. 2 year anniversary party.
  • Glaxclock Night #7 at Kultuurhuis Bosch, Arnhem, The Netherlands on Saturday August 30, 2008.
  • Glaxclock Night #8 at Unitas, Wageningen, The Netherlands on Saturday October 18 2008.
  • Glaxclock Night #9 at ACU, Utrecht, the Netherlands on Saturday November 22, 2008. This was the last Glaxclock Night.  

After nine nights and two and a half years, the dream was over and Glaxclock was no more, but what a time we had. Click the flyers below to go to the page for the individual Glaxclock nights.