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Rodèlle in Utah

Posted By on Sunday, 2 November, 2014


Official selection for the 2014 Great Lakes International Film Festival, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Official selection for the 2014 Red Rock Film Festival, Cedar City, Utah, USA
Official selection for the 2015 Berlin Independent Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

USA, I love you!

Now hold on, you say, there’s much to love about the USA, but what warrants this blatant display of affection? Well, dear reader, I am so happy to announce that the music video I shot for Rodèlle‘s track I’m Afraid I’m not (see it below!) was named official selection at the Red Rock Film Festival in Utah! This is the second film festival in the USA that has made our music video its’ official selection. Earlier this year the Great Lakes Film Festival in Pennsylvania did the same.

Of course both Rodèlle and myself are very happy that the video is getting some love from the festivals. I have to believe it is not because of either the music or the video, but because of the combination of the two. In fact I am absolutely sure that this is the case, since the Red Rock Film Festival has requested to use the audio from I’m Afraid I’m Not as the soundtrack to the ad for the film festival on local television, as a movie theater ad and on YouTube!


My boy Rodèlle and his girl Aleide are getting some much deserved love in other ways too these days! The musical project centered around the lovely Aleide, called “Aleide“, has attracted the attention of famed design house Yves St. Laurent. Enticed by Rodèlle”s electro beats and Aleide’s breathy, seductive vocals on their debut track “1, 2, 3”, YSL asked them to rework the track to an 18 minute epic soundtrack for the YSL Spring Summer 2015 catwalk show. Of course they agreed and now you can’t open a Vogue, without encountering pretty Aleide. Aleide recently signed to L.A. based Lolipop Records.

I am very proud of my friends and wish them every success in the world! You go, guys! 🙂

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