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New photoseries – Exoplanetary Holiday

Posted By on Saturday, 18 January, 2020

Daytrip to Proxima Centauri C

I’ve just published a new conceptual artphotography series consisting of 5 works. The series is called “Exoplanetary Holiday: Daytrip to Proxima Centauri C”.

Exoplanetary Holiday: Daytrip to Proxima Centauri C - Image 1 - Photonic Migration II
Photonic Migration II

On a holiday

It imagines a short stay vacation on an exoplanet that is home to strange beings, offers wondrous, numinous vistas and some darn annoying weather that’ll ruin any picnic.

Own a print

Shot on my trusty Canon 5D MkII with a 50mm Canon lens. Limited edition prints in large format (140 cm x 59,6 cm) are available for sale. Contact me for details.

View the whole series: Exoplanetary Holiday

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