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Posted By Marcus on Saturday, 13 November, 2021

Saturday night dark

In the middle of the pandemic, as autumn was moving in, I felt Saturday night grab me by my throat as the cold, bony fingers of memories past, missed opportunities and a shrinking future filled me with panic and dread. As often is the case, this resulted in a new photoseries, called Light and Dark.

Cold and dark nights draw me to solitary places

It was November 7th 2020, it was a clear night, it was cold and I was alone, with thoughts racing about my future that was at that time more uncertain than it usually was, the seemingly natural progression towards solitude as the years go by and the impotence of securing a future that would be enjoyable or at least interesting. I decided to take my camera and head out in an effort to distract me from these increasingly dark thoughts.

Going down to the river

Down to the river

Along with my camera I decided to bring along my Ronin-S, which I had bought that summer but had not used all that much. I had no particular use in mind or any specific idea of what I wanted to do that night. At around 6:30pm I got into my car and drove, as I often do when I need to clear my head, towards the river.

Train over the river

There, I would, for the next three hours walk the riverside looking for spots to capture a portal in time, sometimes performing an intricate dancing ritual, elaborate and slowly flailing movements, sometimes sitting still and only moving a tiny joystick. The ancient arcane and the modern mundane vying for dominance.

Just me, the river, my camera and the Ronin-S

One hundred to ten in 365 days

That night I took close to 100 photographs, most of them with long exposure times. By 9:30pm I was back in my car, cold to the bone, tired and at least somewhat distracted. It took me another year to whittle the series down to just 10 images, edit them and create something completely different, yet still building on the fundament of what I did that night.

I decided on combining images from that night with other photographs and ended up with a result that says something about the past, the future and the inability to see either clearly from any distance. The series is called Light and Dark and can be viewed here.

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