Promo for The Gathering Ghostride Tour 2011

May 14, 2011 | Posts, Film

The Gathering will be touring South America this summer with their South American Ghostride tour. To help them promote the tour, they asked me to shoot a promovideo for their tour.

Last year I also produced two promo’s for the benefit concert they did in Chile for the victims of the earthquake. Them doing a benefit show like that is one of the reasons I like these guys so much!

The promo was shot handheld on the Canon 5D MkII with Canon primes during one of the band’s rehearsal sessions. The “Weatherman” bit was shot on a tripod. There was some nasty rolling shutter as I pan at the end, but for this kind of quick production it’s not that big a deal.

Since it was all quite impromptu I didn’t have an external microphone with me, so I ended up using the on-camera mic. It performed better than I expected, actually, although the rehearsal itself was too loud for the mic. I got some nasty distortion as soon as the drums and guitars kicked in. We had fun shooting this thing and hopefully the tour will be a great succes! Look out for more info on the upcoming musicvideo!

Here are the tourdates for The Gathering South American Ghostride Tour:

Date Venue City Country
24 June Auditorio Derrama Majesterial Lima Peru
26 June Teatro 16 de Julio La Paz Bolivia
28 June Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile
30 June Teatro Colegiales Buenos Aires Argentina
1 July Teatro CIEE Porto Alegre Brazil
3 July Hangar 110 Sao Paulo Brazil
5 July Teatro Libre Bogota Colombia
8 July Circo Volador Mexico City Mexico


Check out for more info on the band and the tour!

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