CausaliDox – [2020] Coda [TE0008]

Recorded in 2018 and 2019, Coda is the first CausaliDox album release on Diffuse Reality Records‘ sublabel Teorema. The album was released in 2020.
9 Tracks with a running time of over one hour and ten minutes, transporting you inside an autumn forest at dusk. Slow, melodic and sprawling like time all around you, memories, possibilities lost and yet to be grasped, forever in the growing shadows.
The Code was recorded live on hardware synths and drumcomputers.

The album is available from Bandcamp on CD and digital format.


Here’s what @clubfuries had to say about Never Your Choice, track 9 of the album:

“Electronic and melancholic music, smooth and analog, deep and psychedelic…

Like an eternal and inevitable calm, that disappears bit by bit over the horizon with lasting electric flashes. Now we are becoming part of the sound, that was once alien and outside of us.

A calm, supreme meditation has seized us in a way we did not foresee. It transports us to a place where our troubles and anxiety leave us…
…and we are left in a trance of happiness, tranquility and peace.”


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