IndusTree [1996 – 2003]

We are IndusTree

We are, or rather, we were Dutch industriambiexperimenoisewave band IndusTree. There were only two people in this outfit: Guaka and Scarum (that’s me).
Both originating from the southeast of the Netherlands, we lived in the city of Nijmegen in the middle-east of the low country.
We met many years ago in a different place and by chance (and much alcohol and some mind altering plants) Scarum kissed Guaka’s hand in return for eternal life.


Upon our reunion, we started spending nights together in Guaka’s haunt, scraping hollow electric noises out of metal boxez. Within half a year we were performing and the first steps to what was to become IndusTree were made.
After 7 years (1996 – 2003) of being the weirdest electronic music outfit in the whole of East-Netherlands, and maybe The Netherlands entire, IndusTree has been on hiatus. Maybe one day IndusTree will be re-activated…



This page purports to be an archive of sorts. Here you’ll find many recordings of live performances, but since all that was left of the source material were MP3’s, oftentimes of questionable quality, things might be a little rought around the edges. We don’t mind. In fact we like it.


Also on this page you’ll find recordings we made with friends over the years during strange nights in unexpected places with weird substances, esoteric electronics and a recording device…
I’ve tried my best to accurately and fastidiously complete all information about the recordings, the circumstances surrounding the recordings and the people involved in the recordings. I have not always succeeded.
For now this compendium is incomplete and will remain so until I have completely the task of scraping up every bit of media and info and giving it its proper place. It’ll take me a while, but I’ll get there. Eventually. That’s a lot of words to say that this page will be updated in the future.

Metro Mind EP 1997

These tracks were recorded in 1996 / 1997. All tracks were recorded in Guaka’s student housing, usually late at night.
Main equipment was Impulse Tracker running on a pc, a crappy mic (I don’t think I had bought my Shure Beta 57A yet at this point) and a Zoom 3030 FX Unit.
These three tracks remained in the repertoire through all years of IndusTree’s existence and are among the most iconic recorded.


IndusTree Live at Diogenes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands October 30, 1997

The second ever gig by IndusTree. Actually IndusTree themselves don’t count the first ever gig at the Boerderij in Geleen, because it was a complete disaster. The organizers had never ever dealt with electronic music bands, so when the fuses blew, it took about an hour to get back up and running.

However the next show, scheduled at the 30th of October 1997 at Diogenes, a popular club in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, everything turned out to be something completely different. A whole night was planned around this event, the huge stage props were towering high on the stage. A big party afterwards in the basement, videoscreens, treatments, special decorations helped to make this one unforgettable night for everyone in attendance.

Many people turned out for the debut night, lured by the provocative announcement in Diogenes’ magazine, hinting at a psychedelic experience without equal. With a frightening theatrical performance, the eery sounds and haunting lyrics, darkness and smoke, strange images conjured on tv screens, the audience certainly got their money’s worth.
Including IndusTree’s best rendition of “Sick” ever!


  • Programming, Synths, Treatments, Guitar, Noises: Guaka
  • Vocals, Treatments, Sounds: Scarum
  • Video: Erik Urlings (​​)
  • Sound Engineer: Tibor Fülop
  • Light & Smoke Engineer: Michiel van Kampen (DJ 4I’s)
  • Visuals: Scarum
  • Stage Prop Director: Joshua Quicken
  • Stage Prop Crew: Joshua Quicken, Haifen Hu, Mike Zelke, Danielle Willems, Martijn Smeets, Maureen, Peter Ziekenheiner, Guaka, Scarum
  • Diogenes: Edwin, Tibor, Barpeople, Deco-crew


IndusTree Live – De Roos Van Nijmegen ’98 – Diogenes

Recorded live April 22nd 1998, at De Roos van Nijmegen ’98 at Diogenes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. De Roos van Nijmegen is an annual bandcompetition.

IndusTree live at Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 20th of May 1998

One of the earliest IndusTree gigs, playing Nijmegen’s Merleyn club.
This was videotaped 20th of May 1998, by artist Erik Urlings. It gives an insight into the early days of IndusTree and the most beautiful rendition of Vacuum Incognito ever…


  • Guaka: Sounds, programming, synths, guitar, treatments
  • Scarum: Vocals, treatments, percussion, effects
  • Scarum: Visuals
  • Erik Urlings: Video (
  • Merleyn Crew: Sound Engineer


IndusTree Live at Willemeen 1999

Recorded live in Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands on March 3 1999.

Industree Live at Xtreactor 1999

Recorded live on 25-06-1999 at the Xtreactor festival at Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
IndusTree was invited to play at the Xtreactor ’99 Festival, alongside acts like Ah Cama Sotz, Hellsau, Suicide Commando and L’Ame Immortelle.


IndusTree Live at Diogenes ’01

Recorded live July 5th 2001 at Diogenes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Performing 36 tracks in the span of just over 2 hours, this is the longest show IndusTree has ever played. It might also have been the most chaotic they ever played. This turned out to be the penultimate IndusTree show, with the final show happening a year and half later at the same venue.


IndusTree live at Diogenes, July 05 2001 photos