sonOnos is my acid project.

How sonOnos started

In a 2017 interview by French music magazine I was asked how sonOnos got started:

MusicNews: How did sonOnos start?

sonOnos: In 2015, I got really sick during the summer, what started as a cold, turned into an infection and another infection and another. I had really bad luck that summer. I was sick for three months.
After I finally got better, I wanted to go on holiday, just to recover and take my mind of things, but it was the middle of summer and I usually don’t take holidays at that time, because everybody else does as well. Everything was fully booked, so I couldn’t get away. I was frustrated.

Eventually I decided to use the money I was saving for that holiday to buy some new gear and say fuck it, i’ll hole up in my studio for a week or so, if I can’t go on holiday. That summer I bought my Cyclone Analogic TT-303 bassbot and after playing with it for 2 minutes I was fucking hooked.
Programming the sequencer was the easiest thing in the world to me, the sound had exactly the same effect it had on me when I first heard it and I was having so much fun twisting knobs.

That’s how sonOnos was born. I had the name for a long time, but never had a good use for it, until I started producing acid. Soon after I created the logo.

6 years and running

Since 2015 I’ve recorded about 150 acid techno tracks. There are no official releases yet, but I’m hoping to release an album sometime soon. In the mean time, all sonOnos tracks are available on Youtube. Here are the video playlists with all tracks, ordered by the years they were recorded.






2015 – 2016