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Summer plans

Posted By on Sunday, 1 June, 2014


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The picture of the flowers above, I took back in April, when I was over in London for a visit. I saw them basking in the sun and couldn’t resist. I normally don’t go for pictures of flowers, but in this instance, I thought I’d make an exception. I like the colors.

New projects
Today is the first of June, summer’s here, time to make some summer plans. I’ve been taking stock of my projects and most of it is done. So there might actually be time to focus on some new ideas. First up, I’ve been talking to Scholten Awater and they are interested in doing another corporate video with me. The previous one I did for them they really liked, so we’ll see what happens. This would be something that would get shot during June.

The musicvideo I shot for A Life Less Lived with my friends in Hong Kong, is still in production. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish the last of the post-production on it, so we can release it this summer. I’m very excited for that one to hit the web! You can listen to the track right here:

Vignettes and exhibitions
There’s another project I’m hoping to get underway this summer and that’s filming the first of my cinematic vignettes. These are (very) short films that are centered around a single idea or thought, just a glimpse into one of my worlds. The first one I’ve written the synopsis for. Now I need to go hunt for a location and find me a crew and actors.

Something else I really would like to get a jump on in the coming months is finding the opportunity to work with a gallery to showcase some of my photography work. If you own a gallery or know someone who owns a gallery that might be interested in a collaboration, please contact me!



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