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Spring in London

Posted By on Monday, 16 June, 2014

A couple of months ago I was in London. While there I took a stroll through Greenwich Park. It was a very nice day, the sun was out and the clouds drifted by lazily. I had my camera with me and I tried to capture the mood I was in, walking there by myself. It was a combination of melancholy and elation, drenching me like a spring shower. I think the photos above reflect some of that. Click to enlarge.

I haven’t gotten round to editing all my material from that day or my time in London, because life is busy and some things just need to rest for a while, like wine in a barrel. But these three photos above made the cut and I wanted to share them.

I enjoy being outside in the meadows and among the trees but I hardly make the time anymore these days. Taking pictures is a good excuse though and I really should try to get out there more. The time I spent shooting for my Island Project, wandering through the dunes at the darkest moment of the year, was proof positive that I should try and get out more.

Hopefully my schedule will also allow me to go through the rest of the material and find a few more gems from that afternoon. I will share these in my Everyday section, where I post images I encounter as I live my life. Gonzo style! 🙂

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