Aether 04

Project Aether [2020]

I have always been fascinated with other worlds, I love to imagine the unimaginable. What would it be like to visit another planet, another solar system, another galaxy even? I remember as a child examining these ideas with my mind, so ephemeral, like morning mist. This is how Aether came to be.

I wanted nothing more than to leave and be a space explorer, yet I knew I would never be able to realize these dreams, touch the soil of another planet, see these wonders, know the unknowable. Thinking about these things changed me. I had no words for how I felt, but I did find a way to share my visions.

The stuff of heaven

When I started taking photos, around the time I was 9 or 10, I noticed I could sometimes, completely by chance, capture images that would resonate with this longing I felt to experience the unknown. I would take a photo of the inside of a plastic bag and if I looked at it a certain way, it would look like a mountain range on another planet. Or maybe an interstellar nebula. It ignited my passion.

I want to take you on a journey through the realms of my imagination. Visit far off planets, observe strange celestial phenomena, skirt the edges of a black hole’s maelstrom and experience the melancholy of the unknown. The Aether was said to be the stuff that the heavens and all celestial bodies are made of. I’ve used it to create these imagined places in a cosmos that exists only in my dreams.

The large, high quality photobook (26 pages; 42,7×27,5cm) for the Aether series is available for purchase. Please contact me for info.