Marcus Moonen – Original Soundtrack for a horrorfilm [2013]

It was going to be a take on zombies in Hong Kong, a story with an anti-hero. Questionable morals, a revenge scenario and the most hilarious anti-zombie gadget you had ever seen.

The movie was being produced by my good friends over at Robot Entourage and Arne Venema who was directing, had asked me to do the soundtrack. We had discussed the script and I had seen some rushes, it was enough for me to start work on the tracks that were to become the soundtrack.

For the opening track, I wanted to do something special. So I called my friend Peter Nijland, who showed up to play electronic contrabass on “Joe wanders the streets”. For one of the other tracks I took my inspiration from “Beyond the black rainbow”, which has a great soundtrack. I experimented with tonality, using only one repeating phrase played by many different electronic instruments on another track.

I was working on track number five when I heard the bad news. There had been a burglary in the offices of Robot Entourage and all of the footage for Noriko had been taken. Probably an industry-job, but without footage and not enough time to reshoot, the project went on hiatus. The soundtrack is all that’s left.

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