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Portrait and Clouds

Posted By on Monday, 23 June, 2014

I added two new photos today, a portrait and an iPhoto.

The portrait is a photo of a woman. I’ve deliberately kept it a very dark, dreamy image, because I really like how it disguises her, but not her beauty. The highlights on her cheekbones and her nose give her a very youthful look. Her hair, barely visible in the image, is playfully arranged around her face. Her smile, vague, but joyful. I’ve hidden her eyes because I wanted the image to have a sense of privacy, intimacy.

The image was shot in low light, without correct white balancing, so I’ve had to correct a few things in post. The image wasn’t sharp everywhere, but that also added to the charm. I’m very happy with it and I love her face in this image.

The second image is one I shot on my iPhone while in the UK. The sky and clouds were pretty dramatic, but it was too light to make out real detail. The sun was just about to set and there was just a tiny bit of color in the sky. I punched up the color in post and upped the drama a bit further. I wanted it to look apocalyptic. I love apocalyptic images. I love clouds. I love storm. But I bet if you’ve spent just a bit of time on my site, you already knew… 😉


If this is it, i’d like it to look like this



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